Order and service


How do I place my order?

You can call us, send us an email or even a Facebook message.


Is there a min order?

There is – 3kg is the minimum amount we will collect and deliver.


What is your service turn around times?

Depending on what service you require – maximum short term turnaround is 48hrs – min 24


Do you offer a laundry service that can wash dry and fold?




Can I schedule a same day pick up?

Of course, but same day delivery, no.


Do I need to separate my laundry?



What do I do if I have a special request?


Can my garments be hand finished?

We always work to a very high standard and the majority of items are always hand finished.



Do you offer a regular, weekly service?

Yes! This can be set up by calling the office just once. We would then come to you every week without any hassle or phone calls



Where are you based?




Do you do alterations and repairs?




Do you do shoe repairs?



I need to discreet service, you help?



Can I trust you with my clothes?






How do I pay?



Can I pay buy cash to the driver?



Can I pay by card over the telephone and is it secure?



Will I get a receipt?



Can I set up an account?



Do you offer a corporate account?





What should I put my clothes into?



What if I am running late for delivery or collection?



What if I have different collection and delivery address?

That’s no problem at all. If it’s within our serviceable area, we can accommodate you.



What if I am not home?

We endeavour to liaise with you to make sure you are in and if we miss you we will leave a calling card.



Is there a collection and delivery fee?




What happens if I need to change my collection and delivery address?


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